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Valentine Varner

When heaven's a desert, we'll go to our place in the rain.

14 February 1989
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  • Valentine Varner
Valentine Varner

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The Basics
Valentine Varner is a former child actor, current college student at Columbia where he majors in education with a concentration in jazz studies. Born and raised in LA (Silverlake), he now splits his time between New York where he lives with his uncle (heil_hans and his brother Theo thevarner, and New Orleans where he lives with his boyfriend (deadwhitemale)

Vital Stats
Male, 22 years of age, standing 5'9" tall. Blonde hair , blue eyes, reasonably attractive. Human, no special powers save for an inherent resistance to demonic powers, a bit of charisma, and a penchant for memorizing music trivia.

Outwardly outgoing, inwardly shy. Friendly, but mistrustful. Neurotic, but working towards emotional stability. Bisexual and monogamous. Loves Ellis, music, his family and friends, his hairless cat.

Music is very important to Val. His favorite music is jazz, but he loves all kinds. He's the bandleader of a jazz/swing band called Lucky Fedora and the Not Your Daddies that plays in the New York area.

You ain't been blue,
No, no, no,
You ain't been blue,
'Til you've had that mood indigo.


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